When we first met Dr. David Beck in 2015, he already had an established private practice with an extensive (and loyal) core audience. At the time, he had been caring for Campbell County women of all ages and birthing healthy babies locally for over 20 years.


He already had a brand: Women’s Healthcare.


What he needed was help to better understand the digital realm and bring his successful business back into the forefront of the competitive women’s healthcare market.


But, at what point does a company’s ad dollars justify a more meaningful marketing investment? It’s a fair and somewhat never-ending question in fields ranging from energy to retail and healthcare is no exception.


While Dr. Beck still saw value in continuing his advertising, he knew he wanted an online and social media presence too. He just didn’t know where to start.


We hooked him up with a new and affordable website, a Facebook page and an Instagram.


We reimagined his brand could be and got to work fine-tuning its image and public perception. Then, we crafted a unified ad purchasing plan and a highly-responsive AdWords campaign to help Women’s Healthcare corner the local Google search market. And with quarterly strategy sessions and on-call creative consolations, we grew his brand’s social game.


Roughly five years later, we are proud to continue to do design and video work, website updates and social media management with Dr. Beck and Women’s Healthcare.

Project Scope

  • Digital Strategy
  • Creative Consultations
  • Brand Voice
  • Website Redesign
  • Social Media Management
  • Ad Buying
  • Video Production